Becoming a Psychic

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Becoming a psychic is as complicated as being good at a particular sport. But, with training, discipline, and motivation, you will be able to become a psychic in no time. For you to get started, there are several steps you can consider:

  1. Concentration

If you like to see someone else thoughts clearly, you’ll need concentration. If you like to move a particular object with your mind, you’ll need concentration. If you want to see distant place clairvoyantly, you will also need concentration. Being a psychic is all about awareness and it is also about being and observing. You won’t be able to see what someone could think if you will not listen. Once your mind is filled with different thoughts, perception is hard. To achieve a great level of concentration is important in every activities from telepathy to OOBE.

  1. Getting Rid of Blocks

If you will believe that you won’t be able to be a psychic or that you require to be gifted and have an accident that would trigger your abilities, then you might be in trouble due to the reason that those beliefs make unnecessary blocks. Nurture the right beliefs regarding psychic ability, affirm and say to yourself that you are a psychic. Once you affirm it, affirm this in your heart with feelings and emotions, parroting words does not work.

There’s other kind of block that is fear based. For instance, if you like to learn some out of body techniques, yet you believe that if you will leave your body, you might not be able to come back. This block may be get rid of through EFT. If you don’t know about it, there are tons of resources about EFT online.

  1. Journaling

It should be evident to aspirants that keeping track of their progress is important. This will keep you motivated along the way. Your journal could be anything. Regardless of your preferences or needs when taking some notes, you can do anything you want on your journal. If you are the type of person who’s organized, always keep the date about your exercises.

  1. Know How to Have an Energy

Getting energy will surely help you in any psychic things, particularly OOBE, channeling, remote viewing, telepathy, and clairvoyance. There are tons of ways on how to have an energy. There are some strategies available online. In fact, there are some methods you can learn for free of charge.

  1. Altered State

Usually, psychic activities coincide with alpha, delta, and theta brainwave patterns. Once you’re awake, you are actually in beta state. You can achieve altered states easily. Some people offer methods for a charge, but if you want to practice it by yourself, you may try sitting down and close your eyes. Then, start counting from 1 to 100. Once you have reached the last number, imagine beautiful colors and picture a beautiful meadow or beach.

  1. Choose Your Specific Field

You can do telepathy, tarot card reading, and so on depending on what you prefer. Just make sure that it’s something that you are passionate with.

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Activate Hidden Psychic Powers with These Tips



Nowadays, you would have read many articles revealing the benefits of physic powers. With psychic powers, you can enhance your life by improving concentrating ability, better insight into the subject, better academic results and many more. Acquiring psychic powers is not some black magic. The fact is almost all of us possess the psychic powers hidden deep inside the mind and all that we should do is simply bring them out. How to bring out your psychic power? Simply read this article to know how to bring out your psychic abilities like you’ve just had the best Theresa Caputo appointment EVER! Or if you don’t have time to bring them out you can actually get a free psychic reading if you look good enough for them.

Meditation helps to keep your mind very clear. With constant practice of meditation, you would be able to distinguish between you and your thoughts. This will help to slowly activate your psychic ability. You will know the energy fields and signals around your body. There are many types of meditation present. You can learn some meditation techniques by reading books or directly from a master.

Talking to your Soul
This may sound some very weird and funny, however, talking to your soul can bring out your hidden psychic abilities. It is better to follow this step after you have practiced meditation for at least a month. By communicating with your soul, you would hear signal, voices, and other messages. Just write down all the messages. Check whether all your messages are true. This practice can slowly hone your psychic powers.

Recognize your Body Chakras
There are various chakras in our body. These chakras are energy points that play a significant role in deciding our health and supernatural powers. These chakras are present astral plane of our body, and it should be cleansed in order to release good level of energy.

You can follow the above tips to enhance or activate your psychic power. You can also consult an expert to receive more guidance.  We suggest trying get a Theresa Caputo appointment ASAP so that you can learn even more about your inner abilities!

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Advantages of Being a Psychic



You might have already read so many interesting books on psychic. You would have also read so many tricks performed by various psychics. Some of you might have thought of becoming a psychic. There are so many advantages that you would enjoy by becoming psychic and now let us look into some of them.

 The main advantages when offering a psychic reading online is that you will have the ability to see as few or as many things that are going to happen in the future. You can use this to eliminate or minimize the risks. For example, assume that you are planning to start a business and not sure of whether it will be profitable or not. When you are psychic, you will actually foresee whether your business will succeed or fail. In doing things this way, you will be reducing your risk.

 As a psychic, you would also be able to read the mind of other people. This ability can be used for your personal gain. For instance, you can know whether a person is speaking or lying to you. You will also know whether the person is planning to do something bad for you. In this way, mind reading could helpful in reducing or avoiding risks.

 Psychic can provide a satisfaction of helping others. As an  psychic, you would be able to help people who are near and dear to you. You will be guiding people to ahead in the right path and would be able to solve their problems pertaining to a relationship, job, etc. Helping others would provide a kind of mental satisfaction.

Nowadays, psychics are also earning money by providing various services. Therefore, you could earn more money by offering cheap psychic readings. These are just some of the advantages that you would enjoy by being a psychic. Yo can find out

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